Foreign exchange basics deciphering the types of foreign exchange transactions

cashbackforexcryptocalculator cashback forex calculator is accompanied by international trade, foreign exchange transactions are international settlement of debts cashbackforexoilcalculator liabilities between the tools However, in recent decades, foreign exchange transactions not only in the number of exponential growth, but also in the substance of a major change foreign exchange transactions are not only a tool for international trade, but also has become the most important international financial commodity types of foreign exchange transactions are also With the changing nature of foreign exchange transactions and increasingly diversified foreign exchange transactions can be divided into cash, spot, contract spot, futures, options, forward transactions, etc. Specifically, cash transactions are travelers and for various other purposes need foreign exchange cash between the sale and purchase, including cash, foreign exchange travelers checks, etc.; spot transactions are between large banks, as well as large banks as agents of large customers of the transaction, the sale and purchase agreement deal After the transaction, at the latest within two business days to complete the receipt and delivery of funds; contract spot cashback forex is the investor and the financial company to sign a contract to buy and sell foreign exchange, suitable for the public investment; futures trading is agreed upon time, and according to the exchange rate has been determined to trade, the amount of each contract is fixed; options trading is the future whether to buy or sell a currency option and advance trading; forward trading Is according to the contract in the agreed date for delivery, the contract can be large or small, the delivery period is also more flexible from the number of foreign exchange transactions, from international trade and foreign exchange transactions accounted for the proportion of the entire foreign exchange transactions continue to decrease, according to statistics, the current proportion of only about 1% then, it can be said that the mainstream of foreign exchange transactions is now investment, is to win in foreign exchange rate fluctuations for the purpose of profit Therefore, spot, contract spot and futures transactions in foreign exchange transactions, the foreign exchange rate is fixed. Contracts spot and futures trading in foreign exchange transactions accounted for a larger proportion of 1, spot foreign exchange trading spot trading is between large banks, as well as large banks acting as agents of large customers of the transaction, the purchase and sale agreement after the transaction, the latest within two business days to complete the receipt and delivery of funds This article introduces the domestic banks for individuals to launch, suitable for public investors to participate in personal foreign exchange trading personal foreign exchange transactions, also known as foreign exchange treasure, is Referring to the individual entrusted to the bank, with reference to the international foreign exchange market real-time exchange rate, a foreign currency trading into another foreign currency trading behavior because the investor must hold a full amount of foreign currency to be sold, in order to trade, more popular than the international foreign exchange margin trading lack of margin trading short selling mechanism and financing leverage mechanism, so also be a real trading since December 1993, Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bank began to act as an agent for personal Since December 1993, Shanghai ICBC began to act as an agent for individual foreign exchange trading business, with the substantial growth of our residents personal foreign exchange deposits, the introduction of new trading methods and changes in the investment environment, the rapid development of individual foreign exchange trading business, has become Chinas largest investment market in addition to stocks As of now, industry, agriculture, China, construction, traffic, recruiting, Everbright and many other banks have carried out individual foreign exchange trading business is expected to bank on the individual foreign exchange trading business competition will More intense, the service will also be more perfect, foreign exchange investors will enjoy better service domestic investors, with the foreign exchange in hand, to any of the above banks for account procedures, deposit funds, you can through the Internet, telephone or counter way to foreign exchange trading 2, futures foreign exchange trading futures foreign exchange trading refers to the agreed date, in accordance with the exchange rate has been determined, with a certain number of dollars to buy and sell another Futures foreign exchange trading and contract spot trading have common points and differences contract spot foreign exchange trading is through the bank or foreign exchange trading company to carry out, futures foreign exchange trading is in the special futures market for the current, the worlds futures market are: Chicago futures market, the New York Mercantile Exchange, Sydney futures market, Singapore futures market, London futures market futures market at least to Including two parts: one is the trading market, the other is the clearing center futures buyer or seller in the exchange after the transaction, the clearing center becomes its counterparty, until the actual delivery of futures contracts futures foreign exchange and contract foreign exchange trading both certain links, but also certain differences, the following from the perspective of the two comparisons, to introduce the specific operation of the futures foreign exchange futures foreign exchange trading volume and contract spot Foreign exchange transactions are exactly the same futures foreign exchange trading is at least a contract, the amount of each contract, different currencies have different provisions, such as a contract for £ 62,500 pounds, Japanese yen for 12,500,00 yen, the euro for 125,000 euros futures foreign exchange contract delivery date has strict provisions, which the contract spot foreign exchange trading is not the futures contract Settlement date for the year in March, June, September, December, the third week of Wednesday which, like, only four contracts in a year delivery day, but other times can be bought and sold, can not be delivered, if the delivery day the bank is not open then postponed a day futures foreign exchange contract price is all with a foreign currency is equal to how many dollars to say, so, in addition to the pound, futures foreign exchange prices and For example, the December Swiss franc futures price of 0.6200, the inverse of exactly 1.6126 futures foreign exchange trading and no interest payments and income, whether buying or selling any kind of foreign currency, investors do not get interest, of course, do not have to pay interest futures foreign exchange buying and selling methods and contracts spot foreign exchange exactly the same, both can first buy and then sell, but also Can sell first and then buy, that is, two-way choice